Teaching and Seminars


Prof. Springer teaches courses in the following programs:

Please follow the links below directly to the home pages of the courses. If no link is provided, find the home page via CampusNet or the Jacobs Campusnet Course Catalog.

Undergraduate Courses
Graduate Courses
  • 530641 Literature Course Molecular Immunology
  • 530581 Cellular Biochemistry
Department Seminar

During the semester, there is a weekly department seminar called the MoLife seminar on Tuesdays at 13:00 with external or internal speakers presenting their data.

Literature Seminar

The Springer group conduct a weekly literature seminar (journal club where current and classic papers from Immunology (especially: MHC class I mediated antigen presentation), Cell Biology (especially: intracellular transport of membrane proteins) and Biotechnology (especially: programmable nano- and microcontainers inside mammalian cells) are reviewed in depth. Undergraduate and graduate students with interest in these subjects are welcome to join us, please contact Prof. Springer for permission.
Please follow this link to the journal club schedule.

Career advice for life science students

I have put together a large site with career information and advice for Jacobs undergraduate and graduate students. Topics include:

  • How to find, apply for, and decide about internships
  • How to find, apply for, and decide about graduate school
  • How to find an area of science that interests you
  • How to plan your career
  • How to succeed at Jacobs University


Good books about research in the life sciences

Please follow this link.