Open Positions

Current open position

Right now (spring 2021), we have a 50% postdoc position in cell biology open. This is a half-time position that leaves a lot of flexibility schedule-wise and thus is suitable (for example) for someone with family obligations.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Students of Jacobs University usually work in our lab in the context of third-year lab rotations. In exceptional cases, we may have space for highly motivated students to volunteer in the laboratory. Please contact Prof. Springer.

Summer internships for undergraduate students:

Undergraduate students from anywhere in the EU should consider applying to our summer undergraduate research (internship) program (ask for details).
Undergraduate students from India should consider applying to the DAAD WISE internship program for a summer internship.

Graduate Students (MSc level)

Students of the MoLife program, as well as from other universities, are welcome to ask about the possibility of lab rotations and Masters theses.

PhD students

From time to time, additional PhD positions become available. Please contact Prof. Springer. We are especially looking for graduates with biochemistry, cell biology, and molecular biology degrees who already have extensive laboratory experience. For your application to be considered, please send a statement of how your research experience can contribute to our efforts.
Current PhD job advertisements (funded positions) are on this page.
PhD candidates who wish to apply for a DAAD fellowship (or similar) to come and work with us are welcome to approach us. We are interested in people with practical experience¬†in biochemistry, chemistry, and biology, but also computer science or (theoretical) physics, for approaches that connect theory and experiments. Please don’t wait until right before the grant deadline!
One such position is described in a DAAD job advertisement.

Postdoctoral fellows

Postdoctoral fellows in our group usually come with their own funding. We’re very happy to help put together a grant application. Please contact Prof. Springer.